November 3, 2020

Santa Trays!

Santa Trays!

13"x9" Acacia Wood and Slate cutting boards personalized for the holidays. $30 plus shipping

Santaaaaaaaaaa, I know him!!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and we always put out cookies and milk for the big guy, sometimes we put out chocolate almond milk because we know all that dairy really gets to him after a while ;) but no matter what - our favorite treats go out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Here's a tray so you never leave anything out, right down to the carrots for Rudolph!

You can even have your kiddos write their names and have them personalized after Merry Christmas to you or if they're still too little, we can add them instead!

The Acacia wood is beautiful and warm toned, and engraves beautifully if you want to add personalization to that as well!

Personalize with your child's names in their handwriting for an extra special Christmas Eve tradition <3
Add personalization to the back of the tray or leave it blank!