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A list of what we offer is below, click any one to see more photos and details about the items to help you decide what you like best! We laser engrave whatever strikes your fancy :)

Email us at TheTipsyButler@gmail.com to initiate an order. All customized orders require a 50% deposit to begin design and full payment before creation. Turn around time depends on size and detail. Local delivery or pick up is available in some cases, all others are plus shipping.

We accept cash, check, credit cards and Venmo.

Mmmmm Honey
Did you know that we keep bees? We love those little buzzing beauties! Sure, occasionally there’s stinging and maybe once or twice I’ve had a bee stuck in my hair (terrifying even for the most calm of beekeepers), like stuck stuck, like- run around whipping your hair like you’re at a Metallica conce…
Ok, so this isn't lasered... but it's tasty! 1/2 lb $8 1 1/4 lb $20
$20 Personalized Polar Camel 20oz Tumbler with Silicone Grip I am obsessed with our Penguin logo, I think he’s mighty cute and I’ve been looking for a way to make some Tipsy Butler swag that isn’t ... junk. Useful swag. And lo and behold - a keep it warm/keep it cold tumbler! We can do these with…
20 Polar Camel Tumbler with Silicone Grip $20 Each
Father’s Day Pocket Knife
Look what I’m making now! Laser engraved personalized 3 1/2″ Wooden 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife $12.50 each An excellent gift for upcoming Father’s Day, graduation, birthday or any reason - a pocket knife is a sure fire win! Customize with their name, a saying or a handwritten message. -…
3 1/2" Wooden Multi-Tool Pocket Knife $12.50 Each
Grandpa’s BBQ tools
Laser engraved personalized 3-Piece BBQ Set in Wooden Pine Box 20″x 9 5/8″ x 2 1/4″ $45 Grandpa loves to fish, incidentally his last name is Fisher, so I’m always here for a fishing play on words. He also loves a good burger on the grill, so here’s a set of tools to flip like a pro and a neat box t…
3-Piece BBQ Set $45
Hammer Time
Laser engraved personalized 6 3/4″ Hammer Multi-Tool with Wood Handle and Pouch $24.50 each As Abraham Maslow [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Maslow] said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” I have similar vi…
6 3/4" Hammer Multi-Tool $24.50
Papa’s Wrench
Laser engraved personalized 6 1/2″ Wrench Multi-Tool with Wood Handle and storage Bag $21.50 each Have to cover all the dads in our life with personalized treats :) Papa keeps a pocket knife on him at all times, so it was tough to figure out what to do for him, but luckily this useful wrench ticked…
6 1/2" Wrench Multi-Tool $21.50
Attila’s Pocket Knife
Laser engraved personalized (or not) 4 1/2″ Wood Handle Knife $17.50 each Poor Attila has a unique name, at least around here - this means that he doesn’t get to have personalized things like the rest of us vanilla folks (did you know that Jessica was the third most popular name the year I was born…
4.5" Wooden Handle Knife $17.50 Each
Clara’s Dog Tag
1″ x 1 1/2″ Bone Shaped Aluminum Tag, personalized $5 I am not a dog person. I know, please don’t hate me for it. HOWEVER, I do love my sister’s dog, Clara. She’s the sweetest. So, when I found some dog tag blanks, I just had to try to make a little present for her. Her favorite color is pink, so h…
1" x 1 1/2" Personalized Dog Tags $5 Each
Ear Savers
Set of 4 for $5 These are crazy times, no doubt about it. We all should be wearing masks to protect each other and that can lead to some discomfort on the ears. These mask hooks, or ear savers, are an excellent solution. Made with 1/8″ acrylic for durability and wash-ability. Right now I have teal…
Ear Savers set of 4 for $5