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$20 Personalized Polar Camel 20oz Tumbler with Silicone Grip I am obsessed with our Penguin logo, I think he's mighty cute and I've been looking for a way to make some Tipsy Butler

Mmmmm Honey

Mmmmm Honey

Did you know that we keep bees? We love those little buzzing beauties! Sure, occasionally there's stinging and maybe once or twice I've had a bee stuck in my hair (terrifying even for

Ear Savers

Set of 4 for $5 These are crazy times, no doubt about it. We all should be wearing masks to protect each other and that can lead to some discomfort on the ears.

How to purchase

Email us at to initiate an order All customized orders require a 50% deposit to begin design and full payment before creation. Turn around time depends on size and detail.

Clara's Dog Tag

1" x 1 1/2" Bone Shaped Aluminum Tag, personalized $5 I am not a dog person. I know, please don't hate me for it. HOWEVER, I do love my sister's dog, Clara.

Don't Stop Be Leaving....

My husband does not think this sign is funny, but I disagree. It may grace our front door in in the near future as a reminder to folks to move along ;)