June 23, 2020

Mmmmm Honey

Mmmmm Honey

Did you know that we keep bees? We love those little buzzing beauties! Sure, occasionally there's stinging and maybe once or twice I've had a bee stuck in my hair (terrifying even for the most calm of beekeepers), like stuck stuck, like- run around whipping your hair like you're at a Metallica concert in the 90s hoping the dang thing will come out- stuck (not a lot of logical thinking going on when there's a bee angry buzzing on your head). Anyway, yes, we keep bees and they are quite wonderful. If you have the space and the inclination, I say go for it! It's the most soothing hobby out there (most beekeepers NEVER have a bee stuck in their hair).

Well, the real bonus of keeping bees, besides the gratification of doing something wonderful for the planet is that sometimes you get to harvest honey! There is nothing quite so delicious and delectable as home grown (home-flown?!) honey.

We were fortunate to have a bumper crop and have bottled some up to share!

There's a limited quantity of light Summer honey, which is like liquid sunshine and a bit more of the rich Fall honey that speaks directly from your taste buds to your soul.

We even put a bee veil on the Tipsy Butler penguin to turn him into The Tipsy Beekeeper, tres cute.

Half pound jars are $8 and 1.25 pound jars are $20.

Summer and Fall Honey