August 29, 2020

Smart Device Bands

Smart-thing bands, personalized $15 each

Everyone has one now, Fit-Bit, Apple, Samsung, smart watches, step trackers, clever wrist machines... whatever they are - people have them AND there are so many options for making them fancy and fun! Since we wear these things everyday, everywhere, why not have some options? Your favorite saying to keep you going, your family, your initials, a fun drawing... anything goes on these silicone watch/device bands! We made a custom one for our son's teacher at the end of last year with her initials on one bit and a teacher saying on the other - wish I had photos!

This is the one I made for myself, I wanted a change-up for showings :)

And this one, well, Mister Rabbit is one to follow anywhere...

This is quite blow up, but the tiny tweed jacket comes through just lovely!