May 19, 2020

Attila's Pocket Knife

Laser engraved personalized (or not) 4 1/2" Wood Handle Knife $17.50 each

Poor Attila has a unique name, at least around here - this means that he doesn't get to have personalized things like the rest of us vanilla folks (did you know that Jessica was the third most popular name the year I was born? all the personalized things!). Enter my laser and now personalization abounds!! He wanted a cheeky bit on the back, and I wasn't about to say no.

Here's Attila's first personalized knife!
It's quite sharp, I have the band aid to prove it. There's a good deal of room on the handle for whatever you'd like it to say! 


The next image contains naughty language.

There's a little room on the back for whatever you'd like to have!

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